Parisian Frill Canary


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Parisian Frill Canary – Serinus Canaria Domesticus


The Parisian Frilled Canary is one of the largest of all canary varieties as well as being well built and robust looking. They reach an overall length of about from 7 3/4 to 8 1/4 inches (19.7 to 21 cm), and can have a wingspan up to about 11 1/2 inches (29 cm). The primary feature of all frilled canaries are three distinct patterns of curled feathers. These consist of the mantle, the jabot, and the fins. The mantle feathers are on the back, they part down the center and curl symmetrically over the shoulders forming what looks like a cape. The jabot are wavy undulating feathers coming from each side of the breast, curling inward to form a ruffle that meets in the middle. The fins come from the thighs, long well-frilled feathers that rise upward around the wings. The main focus of the frills is on symmetry rather than volume. Though they should be full, they also need to be crisp and defined. Feathering can be one of three qualities; soft, which is the most sought after, semi-soft or ordinary, and hard. Type and elegance have to do with such things as length, form, carriage, stance, position, symmetry, and the general harmony of its presentation. They may be buff, green, clear, ticked, or variegated and occasionally a few dominant whites.

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