• I recently purchased a bird from exoticbirdsbreeder.com . He was so nice and helpful in arranging everything. I have a beautiful, healthy bird that is a wonderful addition to my home. 

  • Bailey is just a joy! She is turning out to be MY little best friend and is with me for most of the day...and sleeps with me at night...I just LOVE her!! By the way, I have had 4 friends inquire seriously about your birds!!! 2 are from the WV and PA areas. The other 2 are from here in AZ. I highly recommended you!!

  • I am so grateful for your work and this beautiful gift of Lilly. She has a heart of gold and is the most wonderful girl in the world...

    I always follow your website for relaxation and from my love of Lilly. I hope you are well ....and thank you once again.

  • I’ve had my bird only one week she is playful, smart and loves all strangers, in less than a week she changed to loving her house which is now her safe zone, she’s laying in one of her 3 beds as I type this, thank exoticbirdsbreeder.com for Bella, she has changed my life Thanks again!